Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i'm dOne!!

Salam 1 Islam


Dengan izinNya,i had successfully change the template of my really 'uninteresting' blog.Wutever n however ,it's my blog...Dh 2 bln menyimpan azam utk tkar template..But bcoz of buzyness n of coz lazyness,i juz manage to finish choosing the template 2day..enough bout it.I juz hope n pray dat this blog could give benefits 2 us,especially me myself...Saling mengingatkan.I'Allah,ada nilai di sisiNya.

Now at Kl.Carrying out my responsibility as a little sister.1 week earlier.But it's ok la.Wut 2 do.All bcoz of love.That's the power of love.

The hectic life of 2nd year would begin in 6 days tyme...hve 2 work harder n luv fisio,anat n biokem more.4 a better result.Wargh!!!!...result oh result..xterdaya ku menatapmu..But i can juz try my best,the rest is HIM's.2 all my beloved frenz,congratz!!U all are so great..Let's work 2gether,helping each other,sharing the knowledge n praying to Allah..

together we strive...new spirit...new sem...caiyok!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

jom update!

Salam 1 Islam

Feel like to write something.Blog page pn dh nampak berhabuk & bersarang...Geram rasenya nak menulis,tapi menulis memerlukan ruang & ilham...
Selepas melalui hari2 yg cukup sebok,Alhamdulillah,ari nie diberikan ruang & ilham yg diperlukan..Sangat sunyi hari nie..Since dat my beloved Nabil dah kmbali ke bumi Bintulu semalam.Credits to nabil for spending a total time of 40days with me.And along that time jugak,he had taught me to manage my time properly.It's not a quite easy task to take care a very active & so-called buas 2 years old little boy.But,because of love,I had gone through it successfully with patience & help from my mum.A free practical....Realising me dat,practical is not as easy as theory.Thankz ma.

A good time spent at Cameron Highlands along the school holiday wif all the members of family.All 13 members,including little balqis & nabil.I cannot help anything,eventhough to be a driver...haha,as usual,juz like they said~'lesen rasuah'....Among the places dat we had visited,the most interesting place for me is the strawberry park~the yummy strawberry waffle & special sundae wif strawberry on top....But,if you wanna save your budget,just buy all the souvernirs,jagung mutiara,sweet potato,jambu kristal @ jambu epal at pasar malam brinchang.Although it was my 4th time to be in Cameron Highland,the trip for this time is the most enjoyable....

Terpegun sangat dengan keindahan panorama kat sana.Subhanallah...With the varieties of crops.Erm kata2 my dad membuatkan saye terfikir...

"Hebatnya ciptaan Allah nie,Dia boleh keluarkan daripada tanah yang sama,buah-buahan & sayur-sayuran yang pelbagai tekstur,rasa & warna."

~Hepy father's day to my beloved dad...thank you papa 4 love & eevery effort that u've done to grow me up~becomes a girl.

Enough 4 this tyme..

...Jom sama2 update iman...Knapekah iman pun rase dh bersawang..?

Astaghfirullah.Cuti 1 ujian yg sgt meguji iman...Bnyak masa dihabiskan tnpa manfaat~terutamanya tdor yg melebihi dos...But still,home sweet home is the best place ever!..

Sgt hebat rasenya sape yg mampu grad 2bln ini dgn iman yg smakin bertambah.

"Allah doesn't promise that life would be easy,but HE does promise that HE would be with us in every steps of our life"

I'm YOURS,Allah....islam is OUR way of life (",)

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