Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the miraCle of our heart....~

1 message received:-

"salam....dilah,nk tnye nh,dlm nte prof j kte,all heart muscle cntrct simultaneously kn.tp,bkn ke atrial cntrct 1st,then followed by vntricle cntrction?"

Thank thirah,4 induce me 2 sit 4 a while n thinking,'how miracle is our heart'...


I respond 2 her question,'how could they cntract simultaneously,becoz the impulse that reach atrium and ventricle is not at the same time..from SAN->AVN->Bundle of His->Purkinje fibres....'

Yes we could say that heart muscle contract simultaneously...with the help of cell-cell interaction....But i dun think they could reach the ventricle...then come across my mind...'maybe the septum??@ what??'

If the atria and ventricles contract simultaneously,then what will happen to our heart beats?our stroke volume?and of coz our cardiac output.....?

Let us think 2gether...Friends,Allah didn't create something with no reason....He want us 2 think..But how much do i think?what in mind is just 2 pass the examination...after examination,that's it..dun think anymore..@ 2 be more specific,dun 'hve' 2 think anymore..

Try 2 relate what we're learning with what is stated in Al-Quran...

"Demikianlah Allah menerangkan ayat-ayat-Nya kepadamu supaya kamu berfikir,"

(Al Baqarah: 219)

Every seconds,minutes,hours,days,weeks,months,years.......

It never stops working...But do every seconds we remember HE that create us in the BEST creation...

Dan sesungguhnya telah Kami muliakan anak-anak Adam, Kami angkut mereka di daratan dan di lautan,Kami beri mereka rezki dari yang baik-baik dan Kami lebihkan mereka dengan kelebihan yang sempurna atas kebanyakan makhluk yang telah Kami ciptakan dengan kelebihan yg sempurna.



We,HUMAN,always 4getting the present...

Be grateful 2 Allah,we're not 1 of the myocardial infarction @ myocardial ischaemia patients....

We still have a HEART that function normally...

So,friends>>>>>Take care of our health..dun eat lotssss of cholestrol that could eventually brings to heart attack.....

Appreciate our heart

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Salam..C u in the next post...


  1. maybe what is meant by contract simultaneously is, the PARTS itself.
    Not the whole heart, but for example, whole part of atria contract simultaneously, followed by whole part of ventricles to contract simultaneously.

    just my guess.

  2. Najmee mantapppppp :)

  3. yes,agree wif u najmee..dat's y i suggest becoz of septum..is it?have 2 do more reading on this as i'm not as mantappp as tasnim,u n the others la..~~


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