Monday, February 22, 2010



juz a simple post,as a reminder 2 me myself n also my friends..

Don't desperate and never lose hope...
Cause Allah is always by your side...
InsyaAllah you'll find your way...

to all my frenz dat had failed in this mid sem exam,la tahzan,do recheck our mistakes,maybe HE wants us to think and move 4ward 2 face our becoming days....

or maybe HE miss our tears in the 1/3 of night...
do reflect ourself..
All come from Him..

"yes,take this as a steeping stone,not an obstacle...believe in ourself,Allah there 4 us...never stop having having faith with Him..."

"Anggap ini sebagai Hadiah d sepanjang jalan ini,jgn lemah...ambik ni sbg pengajaran utk meningkat"

what is important now is 2 work more harder 2 become good docs..InsyaAllah...
THEY are waiting 4 us outside there..
So,do our best!!!

~ikhlaskan niat kerana Allah~

'sesungguhnya org2 yg beriman dan org2 yg berhijrah dan berjihad di jalan Allah,mereka itulah yg mendapat rahmat Allah.Allah Maha Pengampun,Maha Penyayang'

Teruskan perjuangan..


  1. aku pernah merasainya hukhukhuk
    it's hurt!
    very hurt!!
    but i'm grateful cz had been given dat opportunity even at 1st cannot accept it huhu.. then, i'm more matured n i think those who are never face with any failure in their life, x kire la whther in exam or not... mereka sgt2 la rugi n x kan appreciate their life!

  2. dun worry too much dilah. do fight for our final okay. i noe u can do it! if we fall, we've to get up. dun let this dispirits u.

    go dilah go dilah~ :P

  3. yeah!!!hidup pingu!!!


    kita semua BOLEH


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