Friday, July 5, 2013

Chocolate adventure =)

Salam 1 Islam...

This post has to be in full english. This is a special post for our entrepreneurship assignment, in which we have to do a full report of our field trip to chocolate factories.

 Last thursday we went to Eyna chocolate factory which was located at Nilai. All of us joined this field trip, including the two babies of our batch.

We had been taught on how to make chocolate by using the Beryl's compound chocolate base. We can this chocolate base from the market at a price of RM13, and we can get about at most 100 small chocolates, depending on the sizes and shapes of our home-made chocolates.

We just have to melt the chocolate by using double-boiling method. Using this method, for example if we use rice cooker, we just have to boil the water, put the chocolate in a metal container or whatever you call it, and stir them until they melt.

Then, put them into the mould, you can refer the picture below. Regarding the mould, there are two types of mould that we had been told yesterday, which will finally determine the appearance of our chocolate; either shiny or dull. I don't know the exact term to describe the appearance of the chocolate, but as a conclusion that I could make is that the choice of your mould would determine your chocolate appearance =)

After pouring  your chocolate into its mould, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes and turn your moul upside down to take out your chocolate. And now your chocolate is ready to eat =)

 Other than that, Eyna collection also do the customized design as requested by their customers. And this is one of the example.

We bought their chocolate at a special price ;

And guess who is the happiest person?

Of course, it is our cutie jannah!!

On our way back, we had a chance to empty our purse at Beryl's chocolate wonderland, located at Serdang. Here goes the story....

Alhamdulillah. We reached our faculty at around 1 pm for a session with AKPK. 

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