Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bOrAK2 aNatoMy.......1st Episode

Salam 1 Islam...

With conjunction of the becoming final exam 4 this 2nd semester,Fastabiqul Khairat will publish simple anatomy notes periodically depending on my diligence and (mood?)

Always keep reminding myself,2 4get is a normal thing 4 a human,what v have 2 do is always keep in touch with all those notes....especially our personal notes(btol ker istilah nie?)Results is the other thing,but as Dr. Burhanuddin said,the basic science is very crucial even we're gonna do specialist...So,what we've 2 do now is 2 be familiar with the muscles,bones,vascular,organs n bla3.....Since that we had been given the chances to learn the art of our body,so take this opportunity 2 discover the uniqueness of Allah's creation...

A small effort by misz_pingu 2 help myself & also my blog's visitor...

Upper Limb...


Definition:Intermuscular space in front of elbow joint.


-Medial:Pronator Teres


-Apex:Intersection between pronator teres and brachioradialis with brachioradialis over pronator teres.

-Base:Imaginary line between ??(cari sendiri)

-Roof:skin,superficial fascia and its contents,deep fascia and its contents.

-Floor:brachialis & supinator


Superficial-From medial to lateral>medial cutaneus nerve of forearmbacilic vein,medial cubital vein,cephalic vein,lateral cutaneus nerve of forearm


M 1) Tendon of biceps muscle

A 2) Three arteries: brachial artery and
Its two terminal branches(radial and ulnar)

N 3) Median nerve: medial to the artery and radial
nerve is most lateral ln the fossa.

So,from med to lat:median nerve,ulnar a.,brachial a.,radial a.,biceps tendon and radial nerve
(Q:where is radial nerve comes from?)

Ok,that's all 4 2day...

selamat bermujahadah...

enjoy our learning,it's fun!!!

"Sungguh,Kami telah menciptakan manusia dalam bentuk yang sebaik-baiknya.Kemudian Kami kembalikan dia ke tempat yang serendah-rendahnya.Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan mengerjakan kebajikan;maka mereka akan mendapat pahala yang tidak ada putus-putusnya"

KITA hanyalah hambaNya......

Salam sayang drpd pingu fan club...

p/s:To future's anatomist(bapak2 n ibu2 anatomy),if there's some errors detected,plez inform me k!!)


  1. amboi..nk ganti prof ezz ni..hehe..keep on writing~

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    erm sambil2 tlg 2nd year yg nk pro gak


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