Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lecture at peak hour!!!

Salam 1 Islam...
Juz finishing the circulatory shock's lecture and what the conclusion that i can made is-blur,blur and blur...
To learn something new at the peak our with the mentally exausted mind after a really bizy mizy day was a good challenge 4 me...My friends were sooo excited listening to the lecture while i'm eating the nuts at the back 2 reduce the feeling of sleepiness....Huh wut such a gud girl then..
Have to go through another 2 physiology lectures tomorrow......

be prepare dilah,dun be blur like 2day again n again!!!

Moral value 4 me:plez preview the topic b4 u enter the lecture!!!

~A warning 2 myself....!!!

~presentation halaqah sangat memboringkan....sedih..sob3..
~2night is solat hajat perdana at masjid nurussaadah..Hopefully semua dtg,xde miss sorang pom...Sama2 kita mendoakan kejayaan diri & sahabat2 kita dalam final exam yg bakal ditempuh nanti...InsyaAllah...

GTG...Angah n achik is waiting...

Teruskan usaha menempuh jalan berliku...


  1. suke ngn ayat : salam 1 Islam ^_^
    blaja leklok! *mkan nuts 2 tinggal la ktku sket hehe


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